Year 7 Run With It activities at the KC Stadium.

imageimageYear 7 Maths whizz kids have completed their final visit to the KC Stadium for a host of fun maths activities. They filled in feedback sheets after the events with their comments(below) showing the range of activities and how much they enjoyed doing them.

. On our first session we went and explored the stadium and answered
lots of Maths questions
. I enjoyed doing bingo and using the quiz remotes
. We did different sports and measured our heart rate, then calculated
. Everything was challenging, but it motivated us to push harder and
work things out
. I enjoyed going into the interview rooms
. We went into the club shops and answered load of Maths questions.
We had to find items then do the Maths
. I think I have actually improved on reading the full question before
answering it
. It was fun, but you are also learning Maths at the same time
. I would love to go back and would definitely recommend to other

In addition 3 students were invited to speak to an audience of almost 100 people attending Hull Business Week at Hull College, to promote the work being doing at the KC by Run With It. The students were amazing. They were not nervous about speaking on stage and were a credit to the school.

Huge thank you to all involved!