Volunteer Blog

Having been volunteering at Run With It for almost ten months, I can say with confidence that the work that the team do here is fantastic. The lessons are taught in an interesting and stimulating environment that really encourages the children’s understanding of the importance of maths and English outside of the classroom.

We took a group of first year secondary school pupils into the Tiger Leisure shop with a set of questions based on the products on display which really brought the use of percentages and mental mathematics into a real life setting. By the end of the session the pupils were solving the problems with confidence and it was great to see them transferring skills from the classroom into the real world.

Another element that I have really enjoyed over the course of my time with Run With It is the Supporter to Reporter Program. I have seen two sets of pupils through the program from start to finish and have been utterly amazed at the difference in self-esteem and range of vocabulary from week one to week ten. In week ten the children get the privilege of interviewing two Premier League football players, so over the course of the weeks building up to this they prepare by exploring a wider vocabulary, being taught vital reporting skills by industry professionals and being able to practice their interviewing skills on Hull City AFC U23 players! The opportunities that these pupils are given are truly enviable.