Paisley Primary ‘Healthy Lifestyles’ @ The KCOM Stadium

Having recently securing funding to deliver a ‘Healthy Lifestyles’ Programme here at Run With It, 90 students from Paisley Primary School are lucky enough to participate in this 6 week project.

According to the JSNA 2012 the percentage of Hull residents following healthy eating advice is very nearly the lowest compared to other areas.  What better way to promote healthy eating and activity as part of a healthy lifestyle than here at a professional sports stadium.  Using the environment and the professional sportsmen we have been delivering healthy lifestyle advice, food choice, physical activity, the science behind these topics and also promoting positive well being / mental health through healthy lifestyle choices.

So far the 90 students have discovered what players really eat before and after a match, food as fuel for both the athletes bodies and their own, the science behind food groups and they have devised some fantastic pre-match and post-match meals for our rugby and football players.  They have even kept their own food diaries to discuss the good/ bad and how to make improvements!

We have also looked at players training schedules, what sort of activities they might do, the importance of warming up and the effects on muscles and heart rates.  The children have explored what happens in their bodies when they begin to exercise and how this can help in the battle against some illnesses – physical and emotional.Some of the Hull City Under 23 development squad have even been down to help out and offer advice.

The children had a great time monitoring and recording their own heart rates during different types of exercise and were given the challenge of completing 30 minutes of exercise/physical activity every day for 1 week.  Mrs Rogers class came up with some very imaginative ways of getting their 30 minutes a day!

To conclude their Healthy Lifestyle programme, the students will be interviewing some professionals, either development squad team players or members of the rugby coaching staff and getting more hints and tips on how to stay well.

Huge thank you to Help for Health for funding this programme!