New programme received positive feedback…

Great to receive such positive feedback…..

Quote from Mr Beadle, PE teacher at Malet Lambert school

During the academic year 2016/17 I have used the ‘Run With It’ team and facilities for 3 separate activity days, totaling 60 pupils.
The days have all been very specific in their content and nature, yet very different.
The boys I have sent have all been either vulnerable with regards to their self esteem and confidence within the school environment, not reaching their academic potential in English and Maths or their behaviour was becoming a barrier to both their own and others learning within the school environment.  Each of the days were tailored to meeting the specific needs of both the individual and the groups.
The ‘Run With It’ staff were fantastic in their fluidity and diversity when asked to try something new in challenging different ages and ability levels.  They devised new curriculum matter and content to deliver on each visit, so one trip was the same.  They arranged for guest speakers and fun activities for the pupils to engage in so they could get the best possible experience whilst at the KCOM stadium, whilst learning and benefiting from their expertise.
The setting and facilities really engrossed the pupils as this was a new learning environment that helped get across our schools principles and objectives in real life situations and a true working environment.
I can not speak highly enough of the team and this was also reflected in the fact that several parents emailed the school to say how much their son had enjoyed the day and how much they had learnt.