Making Maths Fun!

Who thought maths could be so much fun!  Longhill Primary School students started a six week programme of maths fun at Run With It this morning.

Fifteen year 4,5 & 6 students from Longhill Primary started a fun maths programme at the KCOM Stadium today.  Exploring how maths is used every day in the stadium, the students completed a maths stadium tour.  Questions about the perimeter of the pitch, how much water the showers use in the changing rooms, how long the manager has for interviews etc., all helped to make the maths interesting and fun.  The students all did really well with their maths tasks and thoroughly enjoyed the morning.

A visit to the away team changing room, the dizzy heights of the West Stand and the glamour of the boxes, in store for next weeks session. Other sessions will include measuring the pitch, activities in the club shops and an interactive quiz.

Great group of students, can’t wait for next week!photo-21-09-2016-10-32-23