Longhill Primary School

Longhill Primary School

Longhill Primary school have been coming to Run With It for an 8 week programme to help with their Maths skills. The year 5 class have been working on different topics such as;

Focussed maths activities in the retail outlets for both Hull FC and Hull City. They have also been learning about the stadium with questions such as how long did it take to build, how much it cost, how many seats does it hold?

We have used the history of the stadium to come up with maths questions which the children need to solve such as when where Both Hull FC and Hull City founded and how old are the 2 clubs up to this present day? What stadium did Hull City used to play at before the KCOM stadium? At the same time as learning they’re also having a lot of fun which engages the children to learn and because they’re in a real life environment and surroundings it helps with them to focus on their maths skills. They have had the chance to go in both Hull City and Hull FC changing rooms learning about their tactics and what kind of things players do before and after the games.

The children have also been working on making their own Football League Table in a game called Dice Football. Aim of the game is you have 4 people to play against one another to win the title. They play 3 all playing each other once. You get to roll the dice once in each game. Whoever rolls the biggest number wins.  This gives them the opportunity to work out how the league works by working out how many goals they scored, how many they conceded, how many they won, drawn or lost and how many points you get for a win, draw and loss. They had to also work out the goal difference to decide where that would put them in the table.

The children also got the chance to walking around the concourse learning different facts on the history of Hull, the clubs and what the City is famous for. For example around the concourse there are facts everywhere about something famous around Hull such as the Deep and how many Fish the Deep holds, now 20% have swam away, how many fish are left? How many tries did Clive Sullivan score for Hull FC and what famous road is he named after? What was Hull FC’s biggest victory win and who were they playing? This gives the children chance to find the information and work out the correct answers by finding all the facts and figures about the City of Hull, the stadium and the two clubs that play here.