English Enrichment at KCOM Stadium

12 fantastic year 6 students from North Ferriby Primary School are half way through an English enrichment programme here at the KCOM Stadium.

So far the pupils have put their research and note taking skills to the test with an in-depth tour of the stadium, clubs and facilities on offer and are currently putting together promotional movies about the stadium and the clubs that play here.  Using persuasive writing, images and Windows Movie Maker, the children are making some really professional and exciting films – can’t wait to watch them!

They have also been working on reading skills using the KCOM Stadium concourse and the history and information boards scattered along the length of it.  The students have been asked to demonstrate an understanding of the text, retrieve information, give meaning of words in context, identify language features, infer information from text and discuss how words are used to impact upon the reader.

The next four weeks will be just as busy with speaking and listening, interview skills, report writing and writing for a specific purpose. All of which will use the KCOM Stadium and the professional clubs as a focus, learning how to apply English to every day life.