Improving belief and aspirations

Giving people the chance to meet their heroes and realise what’s achievable.


Run With It delivers a new and completely different way of learning for children and young people.

We are a team of highly qualified teaching and support staff who use the unique environment of the KCOM Stadium to focus on the individuals understanding of education.

There is also a strong emphasis placed on improving the individual’s attitudes and motivation towards literacy and numeracy. We aim to meet specific learning needs that will make a difference now and in the future.

With a wide variety of experiences and activities on offer we believe that the children are able to gain key skills that then help build their confidence and self esteem and have a postitive impact their future employment success.

There are to few students in Hull that achieve the level of qualifications necessary for an increasingly competitive employment market here in the City. Our vision is for Hull to be an inspiring and enterprising city to learn, work and live in so that all children, young people and their families have the confidence to be ambitious and achieve their aspirations. This message underpins what we are trying to achieve here at Run With It.